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I ordered a phone case, didn't like the quality of it, and decided to not keep it (send it back). There is an email link for returns to the company, but, after sending several emails, it's now 8 days later and I've received NO reply(s) from them. P.S. There were several times that I tried their email links, AND THEY WOULD NOT EVEN WORK! Am beginning to think that I probably lost my $19 (even though their 'wonderful website' states that "at Dealflashy we are fanatical about customer service! We are just an email away. We respond most of the times within a few hours!" and "Money Back - Don't like a product? Returns are easy as 1-2-3! Simply contact us and you are done. That's it!"

Guess what? NO responses to my emails, and so it looks like... I've been screwed.

I've got this awful gut feeling that I've been scammed by this "wonderful company" that put their "wonderful and convincing ad" on my facebook newsfeed.

Consumer/buyer beware. This appears to be a company that likes to sell their products, but when it comes to customer service, they totally suck. (Either that, or they're so backlogged at reading their emails, because thousands are emailing to try to get refunds on their inferior products.)

Monetary Loss: $19.

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